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Traditional Chinese Cuisine

Our dining room is OPEN!Welcome to Phoenix Restaurant, proudly serving Warman and surrounding area! Newly opened, Phoenix specialises in authentic Chinese-Cantonese cuisine.  Combining carefully selected ingredients and traditional Chinese cooking methods, our dishes are flavorful and nutritious.  Both our lunch and dinner menus offer an array of delicious dishes that are sure to satisfy your appetite.  Phoenix offers a clean and well-appointed dining room, along with attentive service, for a satisfying in-restaurant experience.  However, if you prefer to eat in your own home, we provide both take-out and delivery service.

NEW Menu

Special Dishes

Phoenix Special Fried Rice Noodle

$11.95 lunch
$12.95 regular

Phoenix Special Fried Rice


Peach with Fried Shrimp


Black Pepper Beef Stir Fried


Phoenix Wonton Soup

$7.95 medium

$10.95 large

Garlic Chicken


Deep Fried Calamari with Spiced Salt


Happy Family


Steamed Fish with Black Bean